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20 E-Tube Evacuated Tube Collector

20 E-Tube Evacuated Tube Collector
Our Price:  £543.30(Exc. 20% VAT)(£651.96 Inc. VAT)

Model:  HPST50-10060
Dimensions:  1632mm (W) x 1950mm (L)
Tube Lenth:  1800mm



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20 E-Tube Evacuated Tube Collector


E-Tube Evacuated tube heat pipe technology

Our E-tube range of evacuated tubes are designed to offer excellent performance efficiencies at the most competitive prices possible for high quality evacuated tubes.

The evacuated tube collectors use a vacuum space within each tube`s borosilicate glass shell to offer very high efficiency and heat loss protection in any climate.

In the unlikely event of a tube breaking, it can be removed and the entire system will continue to function, ensuring a heating source that will not fail.

There are three unique heat pipe evacuated tube models; E-tube 15 (15 tubes), E-tube 20 (20 tubes), E-tube 30 (30 tubes), which can be configured into multiples of up to 150 tubes in a single row, providing efficient solutions for every project.
  • Ultra-high performance
  • Multiple mounting options:
    • up to 150 tubes
    • in a row on-roof
    • flat roof
  • Low profile contoured manifold
  • Intelligent mounting concept
  • quick simple installations
  • Maximum precision manufacturing
  • Selective coated high efficiency absorber
  • Silver braised condenser riser head
  • Tempered high transmission borosilicate safety glass shell
  • Solar Keymark Certified / MCS Regestered for RHI
    • -  10 years warranty
    • -  30+ year life expectancy
E-tube Technical Data E-tube 20 E-tube 30
Zero Loss Collector Efficiency 73.4% 73.4%
Heat Loss Coefficient 1.529 1.529
Absorption Efficiency 94%-96% 94%-96%
Overall Area 3.18m2 4.70m2
Aperture Area 1.87m2 2.79m2
Height x Width 1950mm x 1632mm 1950mm x 2412mm
Tube Size 58mm x 1800mm 58mm x 1800mm
Max Operating Pressure 10 bar 10 bar