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HPS 'Easifix' Marine Solar Panel Mounting

HPS 'Easifix' Marine Solar Panel Mounting
HPS 'Easifix' Marine Solar Panel MountingHPS 'Easifix' Marine Solar Panel MountingHPS 'Easifix' Marine Solar Panel Mounting
HPS 'Easifix' Marine Solar Panel MountingHPS 'Easifix' Marine Solar Panel Mounting
Our Price:  £8.75(Exc. 20% VAT)(£10.50 Inc. VAT)
Anti Theft Kit (per kit including key):  

Model:  HPS-EZF-BMK02




HPS EASIFIX Marine Solar Panel Mounts  have been designed to to cope with the curved roofs found on narrow boats and wide beams etc..

Quickly fixed to any roof with our adhesive and will adjust to any angle allowing keeping the panels horizontal. Price is for 1 bracket. (cheaper within our kit price). Simply add a tube of bonding agent to complete the installation.

Optional panel fixing and security bolt and key is also available (Anti Theft Kit).

HPS EASIFIX Marine Solar Panel Mounts are the first solar panel fixing designed especially for narrow boat curved roofs. The ingenious development allows the curve of any boat roof to be catered for so the solar panel can sit perfectly horizontal and the mounting feet are in full contact with the roof. This allows a smaller amount of adhesive to be used to secure the panels for a more positive fixing. The mounts sit right underneath the panel so cannot be easily seen and this makes any interference difficult.

The mounting has option of a security fixing so the panel cannot be removed without the correct key. (all bolts supplied are stainless steel).

Mountings are high quality rot proof material that will be hard wearing and last for many years.

Our standard panel for a narrow boat is 100wp as these fit nicely across the roof with sufficient room either side for boat hooks etc. Or you can lay the panel lengthways fore and aft along the centreline or to one side.  If you have a specific requirement we can make up a bespoke kit for virtually any situation.

We recommend a minimum of two 100wp panels for charging the average battery bank although how much you take out of the bank is beyond our control. More panels can easily be fitted by using the EASIFIX mountings. For larger arrays we can offer rail mounting to reduce the number of fixings required.

When using rails the panels can be fixed with clamps with safety bolts so removal is quick and easy for cleaning underneath.

If you have concerns about rope catching on the panel we have a solution for that also.

We do not recommend trying to tilt solar panels for a number of very good reasons;

  • There is no real power gain unless the sun is shining bright and is perpendicular to the solar panel. This involves mooring the boat at exactly the right angle and constantly adjusting the panel angle. For the average UK day this is just not going to be the case. On a sunless day the panel will output more power laying horizontal as it can “see” more of the sky. We have arranged tests to prove this fact. Across the year the production will be perfectly satisfactory from a good quality horizontal panel.
  • Arranging to fix tilting kit on a narrowboat roof will involve drilling and screwing as the extra windage caused by tilted panels may require extra fixings. 
  • The panels will need to be very high off the deck.
  • Maneuvering a narrow boat with a couple of sails on the roof must be quite awkward in a breeze! 
  • Well installed solar panels laid flat will not look out of place. 

If you require help with installing solar panels and the associated wiring we can assist with some professional installers who operate in the London/Essex and central Midlands areas.

For other options please contact us.